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60285   Drain Cleaning Machine  50MM-200MM A


Disel engine assembled for outdoor pipe cleaning with no electric power supplying area

Applicable for all kinds of outdoor pipes ofФ50-200mm, the longest cleaning length is 50 meters.

The choice type of multifunction, heavy duty type, the main machine and soft shafts have walking

wheels, one man is capable of doing complex pipe cleaning jobs easily.

Special drill suspenders are easy to maintain and use.

Using sectional helical flexible shafts of Ф30mm, pipes of Ф50-200mm in diameter can be cleaned,

the soft shafts can be lengthened at will, with a cleaning length up to 50 meters.

Press the handle, the rotating speed is up to 700 rpm, and the soft shaft stops when the handle is released.

Rated Power: 1100w

Rated voltage:220V, 110V,  optional; frequency of 50Hz and 60Hz, optional.



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